First 1/6 custom - Commander Cody

Jumping in the deep end. Can't afford a 12 inch Commander Cody so I came up with a plan to create him from a Hasbro 12 inch Clone Trooper from Revenge of the Sith toy line. Even picked up a 12 inch battle droid from Phantom Menace toy line. so far I painted him flat white to cover up his red logo that he came with. Also have a tiny emperor hologram and a new 3D printed Cody helmet. Trying to get his rank badge and shoulder antenna off Etsy as well. Photos coming up.
still waiting on antenna. saw a photo of it from the 3D guy on etsy. it is tiny. here is some progress. any suggestions on keeping this guy attached to the base and standing. pegs and glue? battery pack goes under the large rock formation in the base. weather1.jpg weather2.jpg base.jpg
finished up the shoulder antenna. figured out a satisfying way to keep him standing. really like how it turned out. always wanted a 1/6 of Cody and knew I couldn't afford hot toys or sideshow. paint job isn't perfect, especially close up in these photos IMG_5664.jpg IMG_5665.jpg IMG_5666.jpg . but from afar it is pretty nice.
Wow solid DIY 1/6 Commander Cody. If you ever think about doing Delta Squad, since I doubt they'll ever be honored by any 1/6 company, pls let me know. Definitely wouldn't mind passing some money.