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Mike's amazing work. Highly recommended and extremely professional. Now onto the rest of my Azhor Ahai kit bash. Working on paint scheme and diorama layout now.

Thanks again!
jon show7.jpg
Hey Mark, thanks for the post and feedback!

Just done with my latest commission- Achilles from Troy.

The armor are repainted and remodified, I&#8217;m trying to replicate the texture and the subtle shine of a polished yet seasoned bronze armor on him, and also a mud and sand covered leather boots.

WOW, he looks awesome! :rock

Are sculpt & helmet PANGAEA's repainted or custom made?
Sculpt is custom, while the helmet and armor is a modified and repainted armor from the Pangea set.

The likeness of each head sulpt comes alive with your painting skills! Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the complement :rock

A modified and repainted medicom Batman head to fit the hot toys body: