Metal Gear Solid Customs Thread: SUBSISTENCE

Thanks man. Personally I want the bandana to be some kind of fabric, like on Inflames Metal Boss. And I really want Big Boss funeral version. That and Virtuous mission are my favourite.
Yeah, I would love for someone to make the funeral one...but would settle for the final appearance he made in MGS4.

Ive been super happy with the LimToys figures thus far. I cant wait to see what they do next. Id love to see them do Quiet(which Firejclawjack has teased in the past), Sneaking suit Venom Snake, Skull Face, etc
Hello, comrades! Happy to get on board.

I'm very late into MGS 1/6 scale collectibles and I have a huge trouble, almost the catastrophe for me.
I was building an Old Snake on some decent body and I like the result a lot (it even holds poses):

But suddenly I realized that the Medicom head is absolutely no use here, it's too small and nothing would help.

And now I'm totally lost. Could anybody give me an advice where to find a custom head?
I've seen some in many collections, but I don't know whom to ask.
Also there is one on E-Bay right now, but 200$... ouch! It hurts.

Thank you for your time!