Which sculptors do you advice for custom Batman characters ?

Stefan Philippe

Just a little freaky
Hey guys!

I've been a collector since a few years now - my main collection consists of 1/6 figures from the Batman movies (I'll post some pics soon)
Every now and again I really like to add custom figures to my collection - preferably of characters that haven't been made by bigger companies.

Right now I have the following customs:
Catwoman + Battle Damaged Catwoman (Sean Dabbs)
The Penguin (Rocco Sculptor)
Poison Ivy (GeeWhiz)
Mr. Freeze (GeeWhiz)
The Enchantress (T.Lin)

I'm really curious to know as to what your experiences are! Which sculptors do you advice? Are there people that do full figures as well (sculpting, hair, clothing)?
I know Sean did some great ones - but he seems pretty swamped with commissions allready.

Also - I would love to see photos from your Bat customs!