Clothing set (closed) [Toribox] Custom 1/6 'Ra's Al Ghul Outfit'

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May 12, 2012
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Hi y'all,
In 2 weeks I will forward the balance payments for this project to Toribox.

(Details removed as list closes soon. Please message me if you have a question.)


February 2021 update

Hi y'all,
So here it finally is, the custom 1/6th Ra's al Ghul outfit by Toribox.

Since Ra's is not only the main villain in Batman Begins but also Bruce's mentor and an important character throughout the TDK trilogy, I am incredibly happy that there finally is an appropriate 1/6th outfit to represent him next to the other characters on the shelf.

I hope you are equally excited.

This is out of the box with a natural posing to get a fair idea. No water treatment, ironing, excessive posing or anything special done yet, scarf and shoes are preliminary:







Quick assessment

- Toribox' choice of material and stitching work is awesome once again

- Especially I like the detail work on the more shiny jacket sleeve ends and the fact that the whole outfit is black as it is supposed to be. The purple shirts we saw on other outfits were a misinterpretation of light in the movie.

- I see no essential needs for changes that would justify going another round with further waiting time.

- The collar fitting seems to be optimized for the headsculpt by CREG. The neck on Jnix' headsculpt is slightly wider, it works as well but it does not look as accurate yet.

After the first prototype I had asked to check the possibility to make it work for both headsculpts or to go for the wider neck instead but I assume it got lost in the communication. I will try to find out what can be done here for the series and post again.

A few more detail shots









Body type

Now that I could see in hand that the outfit works with the body type I selected, I confirm the recommended body for this outfit is the Coomodel B34002. It is still available, if you can't find one though just lmk and I will help you.

Update time fellas



This is a part of the references I had sent to Junsil together with detailed descriptions.

Michael's Ra's headsculpt (sculpted by Creg) arrived at Toribox safe and sound. They will let me know if fitting for both necks works (of Jnix' and Creg's headsculpts).

Also as announced I decided to accept a few more commissions. Obviously 25 would lock to many befriended collectors out but I needed to find a way to handle it first.

By accepting a few more I can make pretty sure I will not have to rise the price in the end. I always try to avoid that but I don't know Toribox' final price yet. A few more on the list will make a price rise very unlikely. (y)

I am accepting max. another 25 commissions and I gave those on the waitlist a headstart to keep it fair and I only accept 1 commission per person now (if you ordered more than one before that is fine). If you like to be in, post or drop me a dm.

Those who joined earlier I will get their sets shipped first, there will be a wait time in between as I will most likely not receive the first and the later commissions from Toribox all at once.

But now to the important stuff: Details!!


During my research for this outfit I found a few details that were either missed ore done inaccurately on previous custom Ra's outfits:
  • There are suitable cufflinks on the sleeve ends of the original outfit
  • The gemstone on the tie is square shaped and not round
  • The shirt is not actually dark purple colored but black
Toribox does not make detail parts like the cufflinks or the gemstone so I will make them for you.

About the shirt color, I assume that the specific light situation in the Wayne Manor scene combined with the shirt's fabric texture and the fact that a lot of black fabrics technically actually are very dark blue colored made many think it is a dark purple tone but also in HDR color range I could not confirm that. Other scenes with a different less warm light situation show even more that it is black.


For now let's wait with anticipation for the prototype, looking forward to show it to you soon. In the meantime I will continue work on the suitable accessories.


Thanks to the feedback and messages of some befriended collectors I asked Yunsil about this outfit. She accepted the commission.

Looking forward to deliver the perfect 1/6 Ra's Al Ghul outfit with her for you. Obviously one of the greatest chracters in the TDK Trilogy.
This is missing in my collection and I assume in many others as well by now.


Includes: Accurate 1/6 Jacket, Shirt, Neck Tie with Green Gemstone, Scarf, Pants, Belt

Real gemstone might become an option.

Price: $390


Body: Standard HT True Type body, Type TBD

Accurate Accessory Set

1/6 Cane (hand made, real metal blade planned)
1/6 Shoes
1/6 Black Breathing Mask (otional)
Price: TBD


Commission list & assigned COA numbers:

1 Fan
2 Elgreco
3 st90020511 (from ms8794.jang) balance received
4 gcard76 balance forwarded
5 - 7; 70 Alexander balance received
8 axess52 balance forwarded
9 Bravomite message received
10 Wong23456 balance forwarded
11 Julie250 balance forwarded
12 anwe balance forwarded
13 - 15 John sze balance forwarded
16 Kimjiwon balance forwarded
17 Mkass1441981 balance forwarded
18 foolish7413 balance forwarded
19; 58 & 59 andy888 (1x from Hannibal_Drama) balance forwarded
20 & 43 kim seung kwang balance forwarded
21 EASON balance forwarded
22 ringoyau balance forwarded
23 & 74 noobcollection balance forwarded
24 JUNHONGG balance forwarded
25 lee balance forwarded
26 ms8794.jang balance forwarded
27 bruin1773 balance forwarded
28 hottinho balance forwarded
29 Gehrman Liu233 balance forwarded
30 Ethan1212 balance forwarded
31 BigWayne balance forwarded
32 & 33 hdy9108 (1x from Mu9887) balance forwarded
34 mryang balance forwarded
35 twn_collection message received
36 RM86 balance forwarded
37 Maxxyron balance forwarded
38 terryip balance forwarded
39 kantizhu balance forwarded
40 K.tian balance forwarded
41 Hisu (from yhtc256) balance forwarded
42 vcpeng87 balance forwarded
44 nuintic balance forwarded
45 mu9887 balance forwarded
46 SeeArt balance forwarded
47 manholi_kb24 balance forwarded
48 WayneCcc balance forwarded
49 zihao0404 balance forwarded
50 GreatEnergy balance forwarded
51 BanksR1999 balance forwarded
52 - 55 utsunai balance forwarded
56 & 57 Paccman balance forwarded
60 external balance forwarded
61 Legious balance forwarded
62 chilipep66 balance forwarded
63-68 external balance forwarded
69 Nid66 balance forwarded
71 seunghun lee balance forwarded
72 Lester zhang balance forwarded
74-75 ~ reserved ~

- closed -

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Mar 7, 2018
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I'm in for 3 sets please.

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May 12, 2012
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I'm interested Fan! Are you including the black scarf / muffler type item in the clothing set as well?

Added the scarf (might become optional so you can decide if you want it or not).

The muffler / breathing mask will be done as well, also optional since some might still have one from previous custom headsculpt releases.

so is the green gemstone done by yunsil? Kinda confused on that bit.

Still to be decided. The idea is to have a real gemstone applied to the tie, I sorted the description a little more to avoid confusion.

I might supply Yunsil with the stones but depending on price it could also become an option and instead we could add a green glass or plastic element with the same look.

We can decide that together.
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