Clothing set [Taking Deposit] <> Batman Begins Training Bruce - Siberian Customs + Joa sculpt + metal acc

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These look great - I’m in!

Yes I have those boots on order. I'd be in
Awesome! I’ll try to confirm with the other buyers as well.👍

Also, I have a first paint test on the Bruce gloves from Corrose.
It’s looking fantastic!
Thanks, @BigWayne.👍

I try to get as much done while we wait for the sample from Siberian Customs.

I hope to have an update this month on the gauntlets and sword from the sculptor doing the 3d models.
It’s looking great for the boots.👍

really only need to hear from one more person to make sure everyone is onboard.

I’ll message MR.nobody to ask about a timeline for production schedule and payments
Okay, group.
we proceed with MR.nobody for the boots.👍

He says he can have a finished sample by end of July if he starts now.

I ask to send payments this week.

send to [email protected]
please add 5% fee or send as Gift

include your id name and “Bruce Boots” in notes section of payment.

Thank you everyone for agreeing to the boots!🙏🏻
here is the work on the sword👍

I will be sending the files soon to the metals artist to make us a prototype.
Estimate will be about 1-2 months

the sword handle will have hand weaving by the artist to look like the real sword.

I sent MR.nobody the payment to start work on Bruce boots sample.

Early August is estimate for seeing the sample.

Thanks to everyone for sending your payments🙏🏻
the gloved hands set from Corrose.


Corrose is working on a tighter grip for the sword holding right hand.
the sword sits too loosely in his hand in the first batch, so we’re going to modify it.


I received the 3D files of sword and gauntlets from our sculptor.

I’ll have resin test prints made next week.

And I messaged the metals artist to schedule the metal version samples.

Thanks everyone


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