Clothing set [Taking Deposit] <> Batman Begins Training Bruce - Siberian Customs + Joa sculpt + metal acc

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metal gauntlets



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Siberian Customs has the metal gauntlets sample for some time now , so we should see them with prototype outfit photos.

I wanted to send them the boots sample, but that’s been delayed
You’re right - those look great (y)

The hands and the gauntlets look perfect together. It’s hard to believe they were done by two different artists just because there’s so much continuity.

The sword is really outstanding, as well. The details on the hilt are beautiful.

I’m so glad you were able to offer these metal accessories and I’m really looking forward to seeing them in hand. The details and craftsmanship are well beyond my expectations.

Well done! 👏👏👏
thanks BigWayne.👍
the details and accuracy of these gauntlets are insane!
And the sword too.
Once we get the hand weaving on the hilt, it will be the finished version.

I updated Joa with photos and all the info for the sculpt at the start of the week.
Hopeful we can see a first work in progress in a month or two.
Those look great! (y)

It's a shame to cover up that detail work on the grip with the weaving, but I suspect that the weaving will add a whole new level of detail to this :)

Can't wait to see that!
yeah, I’m impressed by the level of detail he managed to put on the hilt.
The weaving should definitely give it the finishing touch👍

Our Korean artist is scheduled to receive the swords by end of the week.

Mr Nobody replied saying he received message from the boots manufacturer about a possible problem regarding resin leakage.

He asked to give him a few days to try to fix the issue, so I’m waiting for an update.

Wow - it's exciting to see the metal accessories coming together with the suit - looks great! (y)

Any chance of a painted sculpt with the hair sort of mussed like he's fighting? 🙏

(Sorry - I had to ask :) )