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Sep 9, 2006
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Halloween 78 Coveralls 2.0 by Yunsil
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Hi everyone! Happy Fall! What a day to make a post like this!

During the outstanding response to the H2 Warlock Coveralls project one question was made abundantly clear.

When will you do the 78s again!?

Well my friends, that time is now!
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First things first, I want this understood. YOU GUYS CONTROL THIS PROJECT!

The faster we place the order the faster we will get them. Since this is a rerun we aren't forced into the current and overly full Toribox schedule.

So I need 30 people (actually 29 after mine) to make this happen.

This is not a new project so no deposits, full payment is due immediately so we can make the order asap!

Once I have received the full payments from the 29 individuals I will book the order and it should be a 2-3 month wait time for them to be in hand.

Halloween 78 2.0 Coveralls (TTM-19 Body) $420 plus shipping $10 in the US and $20 Outside US

1.Magnus - PAID
2.J.Borg FB
3.R.Clarke FB
4.N.Droste FB
5.R.Wamsley FB - PAID
6.C.Braley IG - PAID
7.D.Norton FB
8.T.Allen FB
9.T.Alvarez FB
10.M.Hamo IG
11.R.Harper IG
12.R.Coral IG
13.M.Solis FB - PAID
14.T.Prater FB - PAID
15.C.Curtis FB - PAID
16.K.Ahrendt FB
17.J.Rangel FB
18.E.Matkovic IG - PAID
19.E.Matkovic IG (NH) - PAID
20.R.Noshiaga IG - PAID
21.J.Wright IG - PAID
22.F.Braun FB - PAID
23.UniFig IG

So now on to the goods that make this a 2.0

During the time since the original 1/6 coveralls were created there has been a lot more research and reference on the Halloween 78 film as a whole. The coveralls being one of the main pieces of the perfect Myers puzzle. I wanted to make sure if I went back to these I would make address some things that have been noticed over the years.

First off and the biggest offender to some. The front chest pocket flap. It will be changed from rounded to the proper squared shape as seen in cast and crew photos.

Next is more of a real anal type of addition. Two more holes that I've noticed in my latest viewing of the film. I had a copy on my pc that seemed to be an older brighter release. Which lead to me noticing a hole in Myers back right pocket right before he kills the dog. Upon noticing that I went on hunt to make sure I wasn't nuts. So I showed screenshots to my boy. As on my repeat viewing I had the confirmation of the right back pocket hole when Myers is getting into the station wagon. Nate confirmed with me and actually spotted another hole in this same exact scene! A smaller one on the back of the left knee! Thank you bright copy of Halloween!!! Lol These two holes will now be added on the outfit as well. You can also check the film as its easier to see in motion!

Lastly, if you haven't been following the Halloween forums over at MichaelMyers.Net the actual coveralls used for the film have finally been identified! They are Sears Tradewear Tex-Green Coveralls. Now on the packaging for these coveralls it shows the right leg had a ruler pocket. This will be added as well. We never get a good look at this leg in the film but it was always suspected that there was a pocket or loop. Turns out it was the pocket. Lol Now I know you're going to ask, so will you change the color to Tex-Green? Well there two things with this issue. First I think the color chosen for the previous runs is as accurate as it appears to us on the screen. Especially during the daylight scenes. I know it is one of the things people loved about the original 78's. The way they appeared differently under certain lighting conditions. Especially after a good weathering. So there's that. Secondly and this is a big one. If we change fabric it will be treated as a new project and will put us at the back of the Toribox schedule. And that's something we really don't want!
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So you guys asked for it and now we are here! The Final Run was in 2018. It's time for some fresh blood!

Please PM here or DM me via social media and let's make this happen! I'd love to set a deadline for October 31st if possible but I understand if some may need more time. Remember you guys control this project. The faster we have the payments the faster the 78 2.0's are in hand!

If you ever missed out or want to upgrade now is the time!

I will keep this thread updated with all info as usual.

Like I always say, I'm very thankful and appreciative of your continued support of my 1/6 projects!

Much love and respect, always!

Your boy,

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Jul 2, 2017
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I would prefer to change the color of the coveralls to Tex-Green. If we're upgrading the coveralls to be more accurate to the film might as well go all out and change the color too. I don't mind waiting.