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Dec 20, 2008
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I can see the frustration to be honest. We do know that yunsil has risen prices steadily so the earlier numbers have been inaccurate with all projects when it comes to initial estimates. This is beyond the project runners control.

having said that I do agree that if the project price increases significantly due to changes the project runner decided to make without communicating it to the group there should be some accommodations made out of respect to those who funded the run with the deposit.

examples could be options with and without real buttons, or extending the payment deadline for those who need more time to gather funds.
Aug 17, 2020
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I think when you’ve been around as long as you and I have, you know that it can be impossible to please everyone and factor in everyone’s opinion, but one thing that is never cool is making the choice to go in a direction that hikes the price by like 30 percent without consulting any of the people who have paid a deposit. It is substantially more expensive than other Yunsil projects that are at this run number. Nothing adds up here and I’m honestly pretty frustrated about it.
Fr tho, Yea the math is pretty messy.

$405 to $480 after second prototype. Then add $80+$32+$11+$11+$22 for shoes, button additions, And fat suit.
That is $636 so with the already paid deposit the balance is $536.

The total price is a 57% price increase: $405 + 57% = $636
The balance is a 32.5% price increase: $405 + 32.5% = $536.

But overall it’s crazy the balance went from $305 to $536. I don’t think there is anything we can do. If I were Nightt47 then next time I would add an amount to each set to cover the potential of second proto, mods, buttons… that way we have a steady price ahead of time.


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Mar 7, 2018
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New price:
480usd(Jacket(with real collar), Shirt, Pants, Tie, Belt)+80usd (Dent shoes painted+weathered)+32usd(fat suit)+11usd(shirt real buttons sewing by Yunsil)+11usd(jacket sleeve real buttons sewing by Yunsil)+22usd(shirt + jacket real buttons)

pls send balance for suit 536usd + 5%paypal fee or 646usd + 5% paypal fee for suit set + hands set to paypal:[email protected] before 7th DEC

Let me get it straight, are the $11 + $11+ $22 extra for real buttons and $32 extra for fat suit compulsory or an option? if it's just an option, I would rather take the suit without them.
Because I would never button the jacket so it's useless, I don't care real buttons on the shirt because it will covered by the tie all the time anyway, & I can easily make a DIY fat suit.

Also, please update the list, all of my suits are not weathered as I mentioned to you several months ago.

Please answer at soonest.
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Jan 14, 2015
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Hands set WIP
coin hand will be left hand, coin will fix bigger
Considering add pistol and pistol hands in.