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For Sale [SOLD] The Ultimate Jack Torrance - The Shining | Balloonman, Yunsil, Iris, Rahmier, Rainman, FullMetal, etc. (NEW IMAGES!)

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Aug 31, 2018
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The Korova Milkbar


Over the five-plus years I've been collecting, and having owned dozens of customs, this piece is by far the greatest I've owned. Everything is perfect. Even his back tooth has a painted denture just like Jack Nicholson's - seen in the door scene. It really feels like it came from the hands of master YJ Park. Somehow it outshines other Jack Torrances I've seen, which is maybe due to the rare Yunsil outfit and/or fantastic futzing work?

For this reason, I'm asking an absolute premium price. It's the only figure I'd ever truly miss, which is why I can guarantee it will be one of the best you've owned. A very sentimental piece that came from one of the hobbies highest times for me.

Headsculpt by Balloonman
Paint by Jacob Rahmier
Outfit by Yunsil
Shirt by Iris
Axe by FullMetal Customs
Boots by Rainman
Boots painted by Aeon
Assembly and futzing by Earlhickey
Hot Toys parts

Asking $3800 plus shipping and fees.

Message me for more images,
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