Head sculpture "My Indy" by WW - Open to order

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About last week.

Damn, looks great!

Mine was scheduled for tomorrow, then got updated to TODAY -- I was so excited -- but then got downgraded to tomorrow again!!! AHHH!
Like a woman playing with your emotions 😆 you'll love this sculpt Wor. I think this may just be THE sculpt. It's amazing. Hats off to Waruna for this amazing piece of art!
Man I wonder if he would do another run, or make sculpts outside of the run, because this has to be one of if not the best Harrison Ford/Indy sculpts I've ever seen.
Thanks man. seeing your feedback is just made my day. You all gave the best support to make it to what it is. this whole project shows how one could constrctively critisize and give inputs to improve a project rather than coming out of the blue and bash. Love you all from the bottom of my heart