Head sculpture "My Indy" by WW - Open to order

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Deposit Sent! :)

x1 Unpainted (with Neck/Chest Piece & Hat)
I think that looks pretty damn good. It now has that slight pinch just above the ribbon when looking straight on (most visible on the right, his left by the bow).

Only comment I would make is I think the irises are a little large in that last render above, making him look a little surprised. It may help also to raise the irises slightly upward so just a wee bit of white shows at the bottom. I realize this is a painting issue, not sculpt; just pointing it out for viewing purposes.
Now this is a team game. Thank you for suggestions. I agree with the paint suggessions and for the render looking older must my lazy ass of not painting the brows properly and the beard. Our faces are so strange even one hair drop can make a hell
Of a difference to our likeness. I felt that this new render has what I want him to have as an expression in the first place. Slight smirk. Also there was a input in my FB brim been tad too small so I will make it a bit bigger. Slightly.

And payments are well received
awesome!! unpainted necked sculpt please.. and i have sent the deposit. i bet this is tricky to keep up with, so no worries!!