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Clients who fall behind 2 months will forfeit their preorder. We are focusing way too much time on chasing your payments so this is our last project with Monthly Payment Plan.
Please read our Sales Rule:
7. Once the invoice is sent, the paypal invoice default to be 7 days to due; we can hold your stock for 10 days, if we have not received your payment after that period, we will resell that item to other members, on ebay or our website.
So its Sept. 11th and like we have been saying for quite some time now, If you didnt cover ur monthly payment ( for 2 months ) ur order is cancelled from this day on and your spot will be given to another client. Forfeiting the amount already payed since that money was already used to pay the artists working on creating your confirmed figure.
Sorry but this type of business only affects the project and serious clients...
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If anyone is interested in the DX set , hit me up asap we are about to close the Sale thread and make only the sets sold.
Hey guys, got some not so good news:
The package with the protoype clothing that was shipped for tests with bopdy and the prints was returned due to having the wrong address on the package ( small mistake ) The package should arrive to the tailor next week and he will ship it right back.
Sorry for the inconvenience... wanted to show you how amazing he looks.
Dioramas are being producerd now and we had some issues with the prototype clothing being shipped to us but the address was written incorrectly so it went back to our tailor. We are still waiting for it to approve it. We are still on time for scheduled releas e;)
Guys . Looks like USPS and Mexico Post is having issues . We already have 3 packages lost all shipped via USPS.
Unfortunately the 3d prints havent arrived and the tracking number is showing any info.
I dont want to lose more time by waiting for them to show up and keep the delay longer I will make new 3d prints and have them express shipped so we can have them asap.
Our tailor will have to do a new proto clothing set since this package is one of the ones lost by USPS.
Sorry for the inconvenience but dont worry we are still working.
GREAT NEWS: The 3d prints just arrived at our studio.
Will begin doing scale tests just need the prototype body to arrive ( should be here this or next week at the latest )
Will take some shots as soon as they are here.
After doing the inspection on the 3d prints , I noticed several issues.
1.- the blade is too thin, we need to make the digital sculpt of the blade thicker and print them again, this also means we need to adjust the hole of the sheaths so the blades can slide in.
2. Hair arrived damaged , missing several parts and one part cracked. We will reprint this part so the mold and casts transfer perfectly.
Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 4.41.58 PM.jpg
When can I get the figure?:pray:

If theres no delays by the artists or any other unforeseen issues, the figure should be ready by the end of January when the outfits are going to be finished being tailored.
If we dont hear back in the next couple days from Lionel G. we will be forced to cancel his order due to falling behind more than 2 months on his payment plan and failing to answer all the messages we have sent.
Fullmetal will work on the Katanas and Wakizashi in the next couple days.
They will be shipped as soon Jon finishes working on them but he is very professional and always delivers in time.
Sorry had knee surgery and was out for three weeks. Should send payment on Friday.
Even though its Xmas Break we are still working... The bodies have finally arrived to our work shop !!!
Katanas are finished and shipped to our workshop.