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Sep 16, 2008
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Calgary AB
PROJECT - Collateral Tom Cruise grey suit (shirt, pants, jacket, tie) Also ideal as a standard minimalist grey suit for other projects.

New head sculpt in the works by seeart (pics in the suit photos are an older sculpt)

New sculpt photos attached below

1.Jonghyo Lim -PAID 1Z741VE86706856411
2 chilipep66 -SHIPPED
3 Raymond ferraro -SHIPPED
4 blade016 -PAID 1Z741VE86706856411
5 eason -PAID 1Z741VE86717789198
6 cpoll36 -PAID 1Z741VE86710763076
7 Jay rigs - paid 1Z741VE86834162973
8 seeart - SHIPPED
9 learningtoflyspaceships - PAID 1Z741VE86822356554
10 jay collection -PAID 1Z741VE86705127979
11 jay collection -PAID 1Z741VE86705127979
13 jay collection -PAID 1Z741VE86705127979
14. Pierre Noix -PAID 1Z741VE86736967549
15 Tan_collector (ig) - PAID 1Z741VE86703767077
16. Tan_collector (ig) - PAID 1Z741VE86703767077
17. Romeo Yoshinaga - PAID 1Z741VE86703643638
18 Geoffray PAID 1Z741VE86704868331
19 marvelous.mask 1Z741VE86700223696
20. PIERRE NOIX 1Z741VE86736967549
21.yhj0525 1Z741VE86706715608
22. nitro 1Z741VE86732430385
23. w2Kan - 1Z741VE86838026872

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