Clothing set TORIBOX Collateral Vincent final run SOLD OUT

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Hello everyone, Taking Orders 🙏
This is final version :)

📌 2 Types Unpainted Sculpt 📌

🅰. Collateral " Vincent " versions ▶ 200 USD | Limited 15

🅱. All Bald versions ▶ 200 USD | Limited 15

( $200 AS GIFT or $210 AS G&S [Paypal fees included] )

ETA : 2023 Q2 (It can change)

※ Buyers are responsible for Shipping fee and Paypal 5% fees.
The delivery fee will be charged when the delivery starts.

( Paypal address : [email protected] )

If you have any questions, please leave a reply :)
한국분들은 DM 주시면 안내 해드리겠습니다 :)

Hello, @SeeArt , I reached out to you previously via Instagram and have now made payment for Version A Vincent Head Sculpt.
I sent you the proof of payment as well via Instagram. Do let me know if you received it! Thanks again.
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Hey, everyone 😊
since the host hasn't been providing updates on the latest news,
I'll step in and give your the latest updates.

Just recently, all payments for the TORIBOX have been completed.

The expected schedule for the clothes is written as July

I'll be receiving the clothes first and then adjusting the head size to fit them
As a result, there might be a slight delay in the delivery of the sculpt compared to the estimated shipping schedule.

i deeply appreciate your patience in advance 🙏

Thank you SeeArt! Looking forward to seeing the final sculpt on Yunsil's outfit, I'm sure it will look spectacular, it's a great sculpt!
Progress update :

ToriBox Vincent outfit is currently in production,
and I heard that it will take about 3 months.

Similarly, there will be a significant delay in the shipment of Tom Cruise head.
I apologize for any inconvenience
and appreciate your understanding 🙏
Hello guys :) I apologize for the delay, and I appreciate your patience during long time.
We plan to ship the Collateral Head within this month 🙏

Except for one person, I sent an address request message to the buyers,
so please check it.