Head sculpture Outback Warrior Max [Pre-Order Open]

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How many of you would be interested in the following:

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Hey all, I have added a poll to gage the amount of interest for different versions. Please cast your vote if any of these are something you would order and depending on numbers I will look into releasing them as an option. Please note, prices may differ from the standard head depending on limited quantity. I am least likely to do the fixed head neck chest version due to the work involved, though if there is a high interest in this I will consider it.
Hi Beastmaster, for those of us who have already paid for 2 head sculpts would we have the option to change one to damaged or would we need to purchase again?
Yes it's possible to change if it happens. I think I would ideally need at least 10 orders each option to make the options worth putting the time in.

**Attention!** So far there has only been one vote per option. Not sure if I limited the poll to 4 votes, though please vote again if you did so before.
Payment sent Beastmaster, like to say that there has been many headsculpts of max over the years but this is the only one that has imprest me and look forward to finally owning a figure that I have been wanting since I was a child.
I made an error with your PayPal address on initial payment. Payment has been resent, refer to PM. Sorry & thanks. Don't want to miss out on this.