Full figure Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle (The French Connection ~ 1971) [ SOLD OUT ]

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Mar 22, 2011
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"All right, Popeye's here! Get your hands on your heads, get off the bar, and get on the wall!"

Sculptor: Vivek Kasture
Painter: TBD
Tailor: 2ouble8ight
Accessories (Badge & Gun): petes



1. Hosam ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
2. greatlakes6 ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
3. Star Puffs ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
4. magpie9 ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
5. JungleJimbob ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
6. Satoshi Takano (FB) ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
7. Gruff Old Bear ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
8. roach_rch ~ Sculpting Fully Paid
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Will keep it open until January 5th, if I didn't get the right number of people to join I'll close it and keep it private project.
If I had the funds I would certainly jump on this. It's one of Gene Hackman's greatest roles and a fantastic movie. One of the very best 70s thrillers and truly groundbreaking.
Just a little update. I printed this it 3 times at 7 different sizes. It's a smaller badge, as far as badges go, and I sculpted the details at scale. Thing is. when printed, the type and image is barely noticeable, so I went back and adjusted the elements, so they pop out more. I'm going to do a new print this week. I hope this now read in a print. Worse case, the way I have it sculpted now, it'll be easy to adjust further need be.

The gun is looking great, I just need to get the scale right. I'll be doing a 3d scan of a Worldox arm and hand to use as a reference to help gauge size. I'm sure that'll be similar to anybody you use.

Sorry for the delay, work been keeping me busy. But think we're close!